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Bondage Cuffs - Black

Designer: Swoon Kink

$169.00 AUD

Type Bondage Cuffs x 2  (Wrist or Ankle)
Length 26 cm
Width 11 cm
Tethers Length 175 cm
Material 100% Cashmere, Satin, Silk, Embellishing
Machine wash friendly No, Hand wash only
Suitable For Everyone
Important info Each pair of cuffs are unique and handcrafted
Handmade in U.S.A


Swoon Kink make some of the most beautifully handcrafted bondage gear you'll see. The cuffs will make a rather delicious addition to your bedroom bondage experiences. With the softness of cashmere and the silky tethers, indulge your erotic fantasies with a little Swoon Kink.

These cuffs wrap around the wrist or ankle and using the tethers, are tied to anything from a bed head, chair, table, anything you might enjoy. When wrapped, there will be a double layer of cashmere to cushion pressure points and keep you comfortable during play. The restraints are adjustable and will fit everyone. The embellishment is made of white lace and hand covered silk buttons.

Bondage can open up new doors for sexual pleasure, and add some extra spice if your relationship needs a little refueling. Have fun discussing the reasons for playing with bondage, and the outcomes ll players desire. Do you want to play with a little-forced pampering? Do you want to spend time teasing your partner and heightening the sensation of orgasm? Do you want to tease then deny your partner orgasm? There's a myriad of erotic possibilities. Restraining your lover, can lead to all sorts of yummy scenarios.

Created from new and up-cycled materials including cashmere, hints of silk, and various embellishments. Beautifully practical!

Wash & Care
Spot clean or hand wash in cold water with a few drops of gentle soap or shampoo. Rinse well without twisting or wringing. Press out water between towels. Reshape and dry flat. Lightly press with a warm iron and press cloth if desired. The cashmere becomes softer with washing and drying.

Please note: Being a handmade item, size descriptions may not always be exact. Colour may also vary slightly from picture.

Including bondage into your sexual play is for anyone, beginners, experienced, romantic, and even the masochistic.  Tap into your imagination, and wonder where and what you can tie your beloved too.  Bed? Chair? Coffee table? The dinner table?  Or perhaps even to another person? Remember to discuss scenarios you'd like to do beforehand, and create a safe-word to make sure play remains sexy and safe for all parties.

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