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Musings from the Minx - Why we stock, the stock, we stock.

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 More than any other questions, nope, there are two questions we're asked frequently. The first one being 'Why sell adult toys?' Which we'll answer another day. The next big question we're often asked is 'Hey! Why do you sell the select brands and toys you do? Why not all the cheap ones?'

Great question! Well in short:

Our stock was part of the reason we began The Slinky Minx. Sex stores, on-line or bricks 'n' mortar, have usually been cis male oriented, selling all toys including lower quality ones, all designed for a bit of a 'dirty' night. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but most of these toys are either not body safe, and can degrade over time. We believe adult products should be able to stand the test of time, with the reassuring knowledge they’ll not break down when you need them most, and most importantly be safe for body use, with no getting out clause of ‘novelty item only’ on the pack.

Rechargeable. Batteries are becoming a thing of a thing of the past. They do have the benefit of being a little cheaper. However, they tend not to provide the power loved, and wanted, by many. If you add up the number of batteries bought over a year, you may have been able to buy a new toy with that! Rechargeable is where it's at folks. They're kinder to the environment, save you money overall, have more power, and last longer per charge which means they tend to not run flat building the sexy crescendo. Of course you do need to remember to charge it up.

Body safe only. These tend to be mid to high end of adult toys, but if something is going to be inside of you, why would you want to risk harm? When a product can melt down like the jelly toys, when cracks appear in them like in rubber toys, they can harbour an array of bacteria, which can lead to infections (yeast, UTI’s). Even with disinfecting, the materials break down over time. That's why we choose, silicone, hard plastic, glass, and stone. They’re non-porous, hygienic, easy to clean, highly durable, body safe. One less worry when thinking of an orgasm. Click here to read about pros and cons of toy materials.

Well-designed toys. We believe adult toys need to be fit for purpose, come with no ‘novelty item only’ on the box, (well unless they are a fun novelty item). thoughtfully designed, deliver what it claims to, and be sex positive for all. Before we purchase a toy, we look at ll these things, reviews, videos, as much information as we can get our hands on, to ensure our customers will have the best. We want our products not just to look good, but feel good to use.

Inclusive toys. We have strived to bring an array of toys which include as many people as possible. We’ve done our best to ignore sex shop tradition of labelling our products under a binary gender category, but more the products themselves. Doing this does put us at a disadvantage in regards to Google searches, but we want all people, well as many as we can, to feel welcome. Our adult products have been selected to offer as much choice and freedom away from traditional ‘men and women’, and celebrate people. Brands such as SpareParts Hardware, Hole Punch Toys, and Tantus are leaving binary out the door!

Made where? We want to know the products we select are made ethically. So we do our best to support brands and products which do in house production, rather than off shore. Which is why we favour small businesses, which leads to our next point. 

A Fair go. There are numerous big brands out there, making ridiculous sums of money, drowning the adult shop market. It made us wonder, any adult stores are supporting the little guys? The handcrafted products, sensual art, the unknown erotic poets? After a little research, it was sad to note, not many. In all fairness, we in Australia don’t have that many, that we’ve been able to find. Adult crafters all seem to in the USA or Europe. Even so, why aren’t there any adult shops here wanting to sell their wares? They’re excellent products! The only two reasons we can think of is: they don’t know of their existence, or the most likely one, it would cost too much, and would chew into profits. That bugs us.
We want to support the little guys and offer our customers more choice. Why should the big brands have all the fun and money? Let's divided it up and share it with artisans. We currently buy from Swoon Kink, Hole Punch Toys, New York Toy Collective, and Lickstarter. All small businesses, all handcrafted, and all excellent quality. If you make sexy things, contact us here and let us know what you do.

There are many other reasons why we stock the adult toys we do, we can delve into them another time, but for now, rest assured, The Slinky Minx is doing its best to keep you one step closer to a better, more sex-positive world.

Happy orgasms x x x


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