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Musings from teh Minx - Bootie by Fun Factory review

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Brand: Fun Factory

Made in: Germany

Type: Butt plug made of medical grade silicone

Cost: $32.95

When buying online, even being able to read the size measurements, it can still be a surprise (be it sweet or disappointing) when you finally see it in the flesh. When looking at the small packaging, I was a little bemused and hesitant. But when opened my instant reaction was “Awww it’s so cute.”

The Bootie is soft, flexible which comes from it bing made 100% medical grade silicone, so there was no chemical smell emanating from the box. Being Fun Factory, I knew there wouldn't be, a big YAY for responsible and quality manufacturers.

The Bootie features some great design points, a slim base, rounded top, and it’s small size. Many plugs have chunky round bases, long and pointy ends. Don’t even get me started on the type of material used or the sizes.

The rounded head is perfect for inserting, and the remainder slips in easily without force. Remember with any anal play, be you starting out or years established, lube is your friend, and slow deep breaths will relax your sphincter muscles and allow it to enter smoothly without force. Once the round bulb is in, the rest just gently follows. As long as you are relaxed, take it slow and use water base lubricant, it will be a breeze to insert.

Once in, Bootie offers up a delicious ‘full’ sensation without feeling you’re ‘being stretched’ beyond your limits. It doesn’t feel like it’s gripping you on the inside and is so comfortable in fact; I forgot I was wearing it after a while until I moved and received the gentle reminder. Because of this, they’re brilliant for long periods of wear, and during sex.

As for the base, it’s slim and snugly is nestled between your fuzzy peaches beautifully. I’ve never understood why some bases are round. There are many better options butt plug designer people! The Bootie being a great example. Slim, out of the way, remains hidden under clothes, it’s just well thought out.

All in all, I adore the Bootie. From its size to the design, the Bootie is a great toy, especially for anyone starting out with anal plugs. If you’re completely new to anal sex, in any way (plugs, intercourse, etc.), please do some research and how to be super safe. Learn your anatomy, the why’s and how’s.

Retailing here, a small toy for a whole lot of pleasure :)

Happy Orgasms!

Narelle x x x


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