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Musings from the Minx - Craftsmanship in a Sex Shop. WTF? An opinion piece.

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Just a thought of mine. 

I just wanted to acknowledge the importance of craftsmanship. In any field. Pottery, tapestry, makeup artistry, floristry, bento box art, baking, landscaping, hell even 'bodyscaping' to name but a few. They all call upon talents procured and learned by the creator, for all to enjoy. I love it! Our world without these people would be rather, how does Billy Connolly put it/ Beige.  Now just for the moment, we’re setting aside economic, and many of these tend to be small businesses, often one or two man bands, stimulating economic growth and innovation. We’ll just say supporting them is awesome.  

Now, take the art of cake decorating for an instance. We admire this talent; we drool for hours by the endless supply of cascading pictures on Pinterest,  sit utterly mesmerised watching the next episode of Bake Off, and our souls sing with appreciation entering the new baking shop offering us hope that we too could be the next Choccywoccydoodah.

A mouthwatering, beautiful artform, without a doubt. And we do this without questioning their qualifications or want to know the ins and outs of their the career to see if they have the experience. 

Now let's follow this train of thought to the world of sex. I can assure you this area is oozing with varied talents. But I wonder if it's given the same thought, value, and without prejudice? Is it looked upon in awe or is it brushed over without a second glance?

From the handsewn wrist cuffs to leather dragons tails, from suspension rigger to a Dominant, from a listening sex worker to a sex educator like me. Sex is pooling with craftsmanship, which I support wholeheartedly, and firmly believe other sex shops should also.

Do we? I hear you ask, Asso-bloody-lutley! In no particular order, The Slinky Minx stocks the following handcrafted products from,


  • Swoon Kink, -an artist who makes sensuous cashmere bondage gear and masturbation sleeves for penis owners. 
  • Hole Punch Toys, who hand carves moulds to make incredible dildos and plugs. 
  • New York Toy Collective - producing dildos and Packers for FTM trans people. 
  • Crystal Delights - offering up the most beautiful hand blown glass butt plugs.
  • Godemiche - create handmade dildos full of colour
  • Her Dirty Dishes - designed a variety of naughty cards for all occasions
  • Form Function - created a dildo to emulate giving a blowjob
  • J.Caress Studios - design a range of cards for the lesbian and gay communties
  • Lickstarter - create fun pussy panties
  • Get Your Joey - Make affordable pouches for holding soft packers
  • Me! - I create, make, and design watercolour vulva cards, badges, vulva soap, and clitoris acrylic jewellery accessories.

We're always on the lookout for more quality, handcrafted products. 


The next time you decide to buy some sexy products, pause for a bit and see if there are any handmade alternatives and give them a try.

Happy Orgasms!

Narelle Minx  x x x


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