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Site Update - Wahoo! Two new brands are coming!

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It's with great enthusiasm and joy to announce two new brands coming to our beautiful shop.

Godemiche and J Caress Studios

Both equally beautiful, sexy, creative, and deliciously fun!

First up let's talk Godemiche (by the way that's French for dildo!)

Godemiche is a UK brand making handmade dildos. They're a cute husband and wife team, Adam (pictured) and Monika and they're on a mission to

"Not to break the mould, but recolour it, restyle it and make you fall in love again with your dildo."

They make Butt Plugs, Pegging Dildos, and two traditional dildos, the Adam and Ambit.

They use only the best materials, FDA (food & drug administration) approved, platinum-cured silicone and FDA approved or cosmetic grade colour pigments. So these dildos have all the fab features you expect from a body safe dildo, non-porous, no carcinogens, and no toxins! What makes them amazing is they follow the three hand rule; they're hand sculpted, hand mixed and hand poured (insert admiring sigh here), and it gets better. They're a transparent business. These folks, are active on social media, showing you all how they make their toys, and many other things too, look out for Adam's dancing and singing!

They should be up in the shop by the 25th, so look out for them. In stock, I'll be carrying the Butt plugs, pegging and Ambit dildos. I can't recall the colours I've chosen, but they're going to rock!  Did I mention how affordable they're going to be? No? Well, they are!  Just you wait.


Dildos and Adam from Godemiche


Next, let's talk J Caress Studio.

J Caress Studio is a gorgeous wife and wife team from the USA, Jessica and Caroline (pictured). Combining a wicked sense of humour, passion, and sensuality, together they design and illustrate beautiful works of art, celebrating the LGBTQ community.

Currently, the range consists of gift cards, art prints and sapphic themed erotica art pieces. They're all original designs, and I'm so proud to have stumbled across them and putting them in the shop. At this stage, I'll be stock the majority of their gift cards, but these are works of art in their right. You can happily frame them and hang them on your walls. 

Have a read of what infamous sex ed and toys reviewer Wetlandia had to say about this couple!

Art works illustrated by J Caress Studios


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