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Shilo Dildo - Skin Tones


Designer: New York Toy Collective

$219.00 AUD

Type Hard Packer / Dildo
Length Total length 18 cm
Insertable length 16 cm
Circumference 11.93 cm (around the shaft)
Base type Solid
Harness Compatible Yes
Hole for bullet Vibe No
Weight N/A
Material Silicone
Lube preference Water Based
Suitable for Strap-on harness, packing and dildo questioning gender, hard packing, gender play
Important info Bendable, Circumcised, Dishwasher friendly
Handmade in USA

Bendy. Bold. Beautiful. New York Toy Collective have created a product so wondrous it makes one go all moist.Is it a dildo? Yes! Is it a packer? Yes! It's your dream cock that's come to life.

With its prominent head and veins, a welcoming length of 12 cm, skin tone shades, it's a great dildo to add to your toy collection. However, it's the posable core which makes Shilo stand out from many (if not all) other dildos.

Shilo's bendiness opens up more ways to use this dildo. Naturally, you can use it for sexy times, but 'at rest' you can pack with it, and have yourself a magnificent cock in your pants. For packing, you just need to fold it down, for play, lift it up again. Easy! It's the best pack 'n' play dildo I've come across. If you doubt the use of Shilo as a packer, I invite you to take a look at the video tab, and prepare for your mind to be blown, particularly by the delightful Artemisia Femmecock.

The prominent head can be quite stimulating for G-zone pleasuring, but being of medium squishiness, you may find it doesn't have the 'grunt' of a specifically designed G-zone toy. Saying that, it will still give you a delightful 'full' feeling, and it's dual density, adds a sense of 'realism', it feels similar (as much as silicone can) to that of a bio erect cock. The inner silicone provides the perfect home for the bendy core and adds the hardness; the outer layer provides the perfect amount of 'squish'. In short, Shilo is a sturdy, solid toy.

But for Shilo, it's all about that bendy core, it's by far, the standout feature. So open up your playful side and make use of it. Wear it with your favourite harness or try the amazing Joque or Tomboi Red or Black by SpareParts Hardware, and have fun experimenting. Use on yourself or with others manually, for oral, vaginal or anal adventures, enjoy being playful and exploring.

Just remember to use your favourite quality water based lubricant, and to use condoms if being used with multiple partners or going in different orifices. Be prepared for a wow of a time with Shilo.

Bare in mind, this is a handmade dildo. Occasionally some variants in colour and surface texture. Don't worry; they're not defects, and won't interfere with the function or pleasure you'll receive from the Shilo. Colour may vary slightly from picture.

I adore this dildo. It represents everything I want in a dildo, the perfect blend of playfulness, practicality and flexibility. Depending on my mood, I can use it solo for some one on one self-care time; I can receive or give, and enjoyed in various parts of the body. On top of that, I can explore gender and use it as a packer when I feel more like owning a penis rather than my bio vulva. Shilo is an excellent exploratory tool, and if you give it a go, I'm sure you'll find that too.

Videos from New York Toy Collective, and Artemisia FemmeCock Youtube channels. 

HarderFaster emailed through: 'Is the Shilo good for pegging?'

Great question HarderFaster! And it's one very close to my heart. Simply, yes! Shilo is most suitable for pegging. For those of you who're unfamiliar with the term, pegging is referring to a woman, using a strap-on harness and dildo is penetrating a man. Shilo has a sturdy base, which will stop those strong anal sphincters from swallowing the dildo. The only thing to consider is the size, from my perspective, it's a medium sized toy, and would be suitable for an anus who has experienced anal play before, via plugs or dildos. But discuss it first with the receiver to find out, and take it slow.

Alistar wrote to us saying: 'Hi Slinky Minx, I was wondering what size of condom I would need to buy which would fit the Shilo?'

Sometimes a question is so great, we forget to even write it down our selves! Alistar, you are a star to us. Playing with different partners or even just to have a condom on your toys is a great way of keeping the clean up to a minimum, so yes, if your playing with partners we also recommend having a condom handy. After a bit of a play with out test models, we have found that just a regular sized condom works great. Depending on the situation you can even pull the condom around the back of the toy just to make sure it does not slip out during use.

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