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Dams are a thin latex sheet, another safe sex product option. These are used during oral sex, to help reduce the risk of Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI'S). Dam the hell up we say!

Though please do not confuse Sheer Glyde Dams with dental dams. Dental dams have never been intended (tested or proved) to be effective in preventing STI's.

Many people forget, or don't realise the risk they may be exposing themselves to when engaging in unprotected vaginal or anal, oral sex. A barrier such as Glyde Dams, when properly used, help reduce the transmission of genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea and AIDS.

Try and find it in your heart to begin using dams. They may not be the sexiest things in the world granted, but you can make it so, just use your imagination. It needs to be done folks, even in a fluid bound relationship. The mouth, vagina and anus hold an assortment of bacteria, all of which don't approve of being mixed up together. By all means continue, and lap up your lover with everything you've got, just be safe about it all. Perhaps you can challenge yourself and come up with fun ways of introducing it to your play, e.g., "Don't move baby. I' going to wrap you up, and eat you for so long I need to evolve gills.'

Our mantra here is 'Safer Sex = Amazing Sex!' Using safer sex products, even in fluid bonded relationships, help prevent STI'S. Dams keep oral sex safer.


  • Latex sheet designed as a barrier for oral sex; cunnilingus (vaginal-oral) or rimming (anal-oral). 
  • An alternate safe sex product
  • Silky, sensual feel
  • Available in a variety of fun colours and fruity flavours
  • Vegan
  • The only FDA and European (CE) approved dam 
  •  Is the product of type for Standards Australia  - the official authorising agent for the Australian Federal Government. 


Comes in a pack of three, individually wrapped dams.

Each dam is 25cm x 15 cm latex sheet
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