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Adult products make great additions to include in your hunt for pleasure. However, we understand often; they can raise a few concerns for people, particularly when buying online.

To help, we've begun compiling a list of FAQ's, all relating to adult products. If you have a question and the answer you're looking for isn't here, we'll happily help out, just send through an email to with your query or click here to go to our contact form page. 

Which toys are great for people starting out with sex toy exploration?

We love exploring new and fun ways to experience pleasure. Understanding your body is paramount to a great sex life, with or without a partner. Adding some tools to that mix only enhances the fun, and if you have some physical ailments like me (arthritis in the knuckles), tools can be a particular help. If you're venturing into the 'pleasure tool' line for the first time, click here to go to a page full of great options. 

I've never bought a sex toy before, where do I begin?

It's great you want to begin experimenting with sex toys, and it can be overwhelming as there are a plethora of products available. Here are a few questions which may help narrow the range for you.

  • Where do you want stimulation?
  • Do you want it for insertion? If so where?
  • What kind of vibrations are you wanting? Powerful? A large range?
  • What's the texture you'd like?
  • What kind of shape would you like?
  • Are noise levels something you need to consider?
  • Would you like it used in the shower, bath, spa or pool?
  • What colour would you like it to be?
  • Is this to play alone or with a partner?
  • What is your preferred budget for this product?

They're just a few questions to consider, if you need further advice, don't hesitate to contact us, by clicking here.

I'm interested in playing with my/partners prostate, do you sell anything for that?

Absolutely! Head to our prostate toys page by clicking here. Narelle wrote a great blog piece about the prostate play, click here to read that for some information and tips.

How do I clean my toys?

Well, each toy has its instructions, so it's best to read and follow that toys instruction. As a general guide, if it's a high-quality solid silicone toy, you can wash in warm soapy water and set aside to dry thoroughly before storing, you can spritz with a toy spray too. If it's rechargeable or battery operated, before washing, you need first to check if it's water or splash proof, this will depend on the cleaning. Please check your toys instructions before washing!

Can you recommend a brand?

We recommend all our brands we sell! To us, they're the best you can use for all your sexy needs.

Can I use a vibrator or dildo anally?

Yes. However, only if it has a FLARED BASE! Double dildos tend to be ok, as they're long, anything else is a definite NO unless it has a FLARED BASE! 

Can silicone lubricant be used with all toys?

Previously that was a definite no. But we now it's dependant on the quality of the silicone used to make the toy, the silicone mould, and the silicone lubricant itself. All of those need to be of high quality for silicone lube to work with silicone toys. Unless the brand has expressly claimed 'You can use this toy with silicone lubricant', as Godemiche have (with Uberlube only), avoid using silicone lube with silicone toys. You can always email the company direct to find out. For now, silicone lubricant is perfect for glass, abs plastic, wood, steel, ceramic and it's an excellent massage oil replacement.

I’m keen to buy a vibrator but worried about my partner's reaction.
Often, sex toys can make a partner feel inadequate, negated, hurt, and or even just jealous. But it needn't be. Below are a few ideas to help you.

1. Do a little research first, on some great couples vibrators like the we-vibe here. Some research will better equip yours for the next thing you need to do.

 2. Opening up a dialogue about sex toys. It's that simple and has to happen. Be open to your wants, desires, and avoid using the word 'but' "I love sex with you but...", it suggests there is a problem with the sex and your partner. Put forward ideas for how it can please you both, all the wonderful ways to use it, and that’s it's not just for internal pleasures. Love, understanding, listening, and gratitude, are the tools you'll need for this conversation.

 3. Never surprise your partner, with a sex toy, during sex. If you haven't talked about it, you may not know how they'll feel. If they feel nervous about sex toys, and you do this, you'll not only ruin the moment, but the relationship may take a little dive for a day or two. For many, it's a sensitive issue and needs to be handled respectfully.

 4. Incorporate your partner every step of the way, to help put their mind at ease. Be it more research, choosing, then buying. It can be a wonderfully, fun way to build excitement, and has the subtle effect of putting their mind at ease.

For more help, please click here to contact us.
I want to buy a quiet toy, what do I need to look for and what can you can you recommend?

Great question! The last thing you want to do is let everyone in the house know that you are having a good time, or maybe you do, but that’s for another occasion. 

Firstly, what do you need to look for in a quiet toy? Well, that all comes down to physics, and the brand you choose. In general, the larger the motor, the more power, thus potential for high noise. Toy companies have been tackling this and most quality brands now have solved the problem. For example Crave, Lelo, Fun Factory, and We-Vibe, ae producing toys without the window breaking noise attached.   

But if you're looking around a shop, remember these few things, To break it down a little more, toys with two smaller motors can deliver the same power as one big motor, while reducing noise. Toys with speed control can offer slower speeds with lower noises, but this can affect the power of vibrations. Toys with thicker material around the motor dampen the noise, while still having bigger vibrations. Most of them these days are made with relatively quiet motor, but, if your housemate or neighbour complains, give them a vibrator for their next birthday, because they may well just be jealous of all the fun you’re having and they’re missing.

Most of the pBut, if your housemate or neighbour complains, give them a vibrator for their next birthday, because they may well just be jealous of all the fun you’re having and they’re missing.

Do you sell non-phallic toys?

Yes, we do. Not all vibes and dildos have been made to look like a penis. Fun Factory, and Tantus, have a great selection, all in fabulous colours. Wet For Her There also Wet for Her designing non-phallic ones, and Hole Punch Toys, which create the weird and wonderful shapes, like a rocket! Take some time to browse and see which ones you're drawn too.

Which toy is best suited for stimulating my G-Zone (g-spot)?

While this does come down to personal taste, and body structure, there are a few sex toys you can turn to, vibrating and non-vibrating. If vibrating is what you're after, Fun Factory have the Tiger G5, and Paul & Paulina, both fairly firm and designed to be able to lever up for increased pressure.  Fifi by Je Joue a firm toy for adding pressure and its little ears will play pleasurable havoc on your labia and around your clitoris. Click here to browse our entire vibrator.Non-vibrating Godemiche created the Ambit. a firm silicone dildo, with a curved head for maximum surface area coverage and adding pressure.

Non-vibrating, Godemiche created the Ambit. a firm silicone dildo, with a curved head for maximum surface area coverage and adding pressure.

Do numbing gels work?

Yes they do. Now for the big BUT! They numb things!!! The whole point of being sexual is to feel, why use a product if it takes that away? Not to mention they numb and can stop you feeling if so.

I'm travelling, should I even take a toy with me?

Yes! Travelling needn’t prevent you from taking your sexy wares with you, but keep in mind a few things, do a little research with the airline you're using, and you’ll be travelling with your sexy products with confidence.

Most of our toys have ‘travel’ buttons to activate, to prevent them accidentally turning on.

Qantas, Virgin, Jet Star have a list of dangerous goods which show what’s banned, allowed as carry on, and in luggage. Some airlines may need you to declare any ‘tools’ (stiff objects – dildos, vibrators paddles, bars, etc.) over a certain length. Bear in mind your luggage may randomly be searched, you can always opt for the non-penetrative sex toy from Leaf, Crave, or We-Vibe. For, try Swoon Kink, your lube can be packed among your toiletries.

Adult products can vary in price from $5 to $300+, Why?

We do our best to stock toys made from body safe materials, have a guarantee of good manufacture, and have quality assurances to them. Yes, you can buy a vibrator for $20, but you need to ask yourself a few questions.What is it made with? Is it body safe? Is it rechargeable or does it take batteries (and if so how many)? Will it stop working if I get water on it while washing it? Will it break after the second time I use it? Is the manufacturer sex positive? Does the manufacturer support workers and follow environmental policies? Sex toys have come a long way in the last ten years and are not the old "jiggle jelly toys" they once were. They're turning into works of art you can use for years to come.

Why shouldn't I buy a cheap sex toy, say from Ebay, Amazon, etc.?

To be frank, because you just don't know if it's the genuine brand you're buying. Many people have been caught out buying a product, and if faulty, then contacting the manufacturer direct, only to find the product was a fake. If it's being sold for much less than the average price, or there not providing a sufficient reason (eg it's on sale), there's probably a reason for it. Namely, it could be a fake or worse still used. If you're going to put something inside your body, where it will be in contact with your most delicate areas, please ensure it's being bought from a reliable business, because we're the ones who'll be able to help you if there is a fault. If bought cheaply from gumtree/eBay, etc., we probably won't be able to help you.

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