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The Environment

Next, to being a sex geek, I'm a massive enviro-geek. I follow the four 'R's religiously Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse. This philosophy and proactive actions are carried through to my business. 

So what do I do?

  • Anything involving electricity, I take advantage of the solar panels and use them during the day, i.e., washing, phone, and laptop charging, etc. 
  • I reuse and recycle all pieces of paper that enter the house. They're cut up and turned into scrap note paper, mixed with hay for bedding for the bunny or turned into paper again (yes I do that too! Long live the handmade!)
  • Plastics, glass are reused/recycled 
  • I reuse any parcel packing materials (bubble wrap foam pieces) that come my way for covering products.
  • I ride/walk or bus regularly rather than take the car
  • I support handmade recycled products over mass-produced products (personally and in business)
  • I buy recycled products for home and office - i.e., paper made from cow dung - yup that's a thing - pens made from sugar cane pulp, etc.

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