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These people are part of our tribe of sex-positivity fighters! They are an important ally, for sex shops, sex toy creators, and of course you, the consumer. They are a formidable force, brimming with information to share, thoughts, and a little controversy. More importantly, their sites are welcoming, safe, and overflowing with sex -positivity! Go team sex pos!

Why have they stolen my heart?

For me, I hate to use the word, but their work helps to normalise pleasure, the use of sex toys and helping us remember to keep sex fun. There are many stigmas and other barriers around sex, that it warms my heart knowing there's a band of people out there, supporting the breakdown of those. They are my dear allies, and most importantly, yours.

With their daily/weekly/monthly blogs, they help to remove shame, guilt and fear often associated with using sex toys. How wonderful is that? Their passion and words with a mix of humour, honesty, and approachability combine to open up more opportunities pleasurable possibilities and allows you to make more informed decisions, which gives you more choice and power.

These people are invaluable to the sex education realm, and I just adore them.
Below are some I have followed quietly (for years in some cases), resonate with my businesses core values, I have connected with, and, fingers crossed, hope to work with in the future.

Moreover, just to reiterate, I LOVE SEX TOY BLOGGERS!

 Emmeline Peaches Reviews


Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the sweetest peach of all? Well, it isn't me, it's Emmeline Peaches. I can certainly understand why she has that name, not because she's juice, and furry on the outside (though if she were that ould be fine), Emmeline Peaches is the sweetest person I've had the pleasure to talk to, work with and I just love her. While we may butt heads on some of the products reviewed, ahem, I admire her doing them. Her posts re thoughtful, honest and bring a hint of intellectualism without it feeling it's an Oxford dissertation. Easy to read, Emmeline Peaches delves into all different areas, of pleasurable sex items, and throws in the odd thought provoking blog.  Emmeline is the fuzzy peach of my eye, and will be yours too! 



People always so you remember your first love, and I hope so because Wetlandia is my first blog love. They say you never forget your first love, and I can't deny, it was love at first site with Wetlandia. She writes with passion, integrity, which just fills me with joy. Her belief that 'everyone deserves pleasure and that we all have the profound human right of sexual health...' just resonates with my soul. Wetlandia was the first blogger to welcome me into the sex blogger's realm, for which I am eternally grateful. I instantly felt wanted, valued, and most importantly safe to open up and talk. A superb site, which wraps you up in your favourite jumper, and has you wanting to lean into your discomfort one if there are any. It's safe, supportive space, so relax and enjoy your review reading and why not look at her sex advice too, and expand your learning. Wetlandia will have you falling in love with them too.

Princess Preview 


Ok, I won't lie, my first reason to place Princess Preview on my list was that she is a fellow Australian. We're a little behind the times of sex-positive businesses and sex bloggers. Thankfully, Princess Preview has taken up this challenge here, and I am oozing joy. That's right, oozing joy. Besides the excellent approach to the reviews, Princess Preview is somewhat specialising in wands and smaller dildos. Which I think is fabulous, it brings a refreshing inclusive feeling and much-needed diversity to sex toy blogging. A film buff, geek, foodie, and performer, Princess Preview is the best blogging friend a person can have! 

Hysterical Em


Yet another blogger I found and as soon as I saw Hysterical Em was Australian and BOOM! They had to go on my list. I mean c'mon! Us Aussies need to stick together! That aside, I've come to adore Hysterical Em her delightful queerness thrills my queer heart. A relatively new blogger on the scene but has the beginnings of a fantastic blog ahead. Their openness was a little eye-opening for me; I mean vag stats? Who does this? Hysterical Em apparently and it's awesome! Funny, honest, thrilling, if you have a queer side, Hysterical Em is going to be the perfect fit for you! 

Gay in the Middle


Sweet, endearing, Australian, and gay, I present Gay in the Middle aka Xander. He began his blogging journey in 2016, so a relative newcomer to the review world, but one moving fast up the ranks. Gay in The Middle represents a new perspective for sex products, so if you identify as gay, or just love reading blog posts about a male's journey with masturbators, Gay in the Middle might right up your alley - so to speak.An easy and lovely writing style, he'll warm your heart cockles and have your peepers wanting more! 

The Deaf Queer


What can I say about The Deaf Queer. Not a lot, except to say how freaking awesome they are! Besides having well-worded blogs, and full of education, their goal is to break down the stigmas and shaming barriers around sex within the deaf community. Now while this might be the overall purpose for their blog, anyone is welcome to read the blog. That's what I love about The Deaf Queer's blog; it's safe and inclusive. It doesn't matter how you identify; you'll be welcomed here with open arms. If you do orientate in the direction of transmasculine, genderqueer, switch and poly, then you'll feel right at home with The Deaf Queer. The reviews consist mostly of sex toys at the moment, but I'm sure they'll have many more educational articles coming our way very soon. 



Artemisia FemmeCock is a wonderful sex blogger an honest reviewer that's not afraid to tell it like it is. AFemmeCock has a wonderful easy writing style, which will pull you in and have you wanting to read them all in a row. Her video tutorials for packing are a godsend! friendly, inviting, comedic tendencies are (just look for the dinosaur onesie!), and easy style, provide a great site for information and a safe space if you're a purveyor of the strap on! Besides, anyone who has put up the genital stats and public picture, well respect Artemisia. Respect.

Formidable Femme


As their name suggests Formidable Femme is a tour de force in the sex blogging world. Formidable Femme is the epitome of strength and a true fighter for sex positivity, reproductive rights, comprehensive sex education, and to top it off an advocate for body positivity. Formidable Femme rights sex toy reviews, but more recently has come to write essays on a variety of subjects including sex toys, and defending the rights of sex bloggers. A passionate person willing to say the hard things, and make sex toy companies, and 'dick pick' creepy people accountable. You'll love it!


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