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Narelle Minx has scoured the earth and gathered a carefully curated selection of ethical, high-quality, body-safe brands to meet the beautiful array of desires & needs of people.

Below is some further information about them.

Handmade Brands 

Swoon Kink – Make a variety of kinky items, from cashmere, silk, satin and many other bits and pieces including the odd vintage bead.  Products include blindfolds, cuffs, floggers and penis masturbation sleeves. Soft, sensuous and highly erotic items for everyone to enjoy. HandMade in the USA

Godemiche – Create vibrant coloured dildos, from their handmade moulds. Featuring three styles of dildos, butt plugs. All made from Non-Toxic, body safe silicone. HandMade in England.

Hole Punch Toys – Design sex toys with a refreshing twist. From vegetable butt plugs to a gun dildo, they’re vibrant, wickedly unique and made from their hand created moulds. Featuring three styles of dildos, butt plugs. All made from Non-Toxic, body safe silicone. HandMade in the USA.

Lickstarter – Delve into the erotic world of Pussy and Bloomin’ Panties. Handmade underwear featuring delightful cats of flowers smack bang on the front! Gorgeous, sexy and silky soft too. HandMade in the Latvia.

Crystal Delights – Hand-blown glass dildos and butt plugs await you here with this brand. They're works of art so feel free to display them proudly. From faux fur tails to ponytails, these are a fabulous treat with these. HandMade in the USA.

New York Toy Collective – Produce high-quality toys specialising in self-affirming products for all forms of gender expression. Products include Packers (soft & hard), Balls, Dildos, and STPs. All made from Non-Toxic, body safe silicone. HandMade in the USA.

J Caress Studio - Strive to design and illustrate completely original greeting cards that reflect what our LGBTQ community is looking for, highlighting an appreciation for sarcasm, sensuality and sincerity. They illustrate and paint pieces that reflect their adoration of sapphic love and the female form. Their pieces of erotica and LGBTQ-themed greeting cards are designed expressly for people like them—those seeking that special, very personal item that you can't quite find anywhere else. Made in the USA

Other Sex Toy Brands

Fun Factory – One of our favourite from the very beginning. A German company which designs its products for fun, function and health of the body. Made in Germany.

Chakrub – Everyone deserves a little extra magic in their lives, so we decided to add to our range crystal wands, also known as crystal dildos. The owners of Chakrubs offer an array of beautiful natural adult toy alternatives. Made in the USA and Brazil.

Fuze Toys – Designed with love in Canada, a focus on quality over quantity allows Fuze to create the very best toys, beautifully crafted to last and provide pleasure for many years to come. Made in the USA.

Tantus – Born from the hope and aspiration to make the lives of people throughout the world fun, worthwhile, and enjoyable. To make ordinary citizens smile, and challenge the ethos of industry, to bring what everyone truly desires sexual happiness. Made in the USA.

Velv'Or – Create sexy rings for penises. They can be worn as a regular cock ring, or worn all day to titillate, tease and gently build arousal. Much like kegal balls for vaginas can do.  Made in The Netherlands.

We-Vibe – Infamous with the world’s first ‘U’ shaped vibrator, We-Vibe make a small variety of body friendly sex toys, to bring pleasure to the forefront. Stylish, waterproof, rechargeable, powerful and non-toxic body silicone. Made in the PRC.

Crave – Creators of some of the most beautiful, functional adult toys you can put your hands on, USB vibes to necklaces, Crave know how to design products for practicality and elegance. Made in the PRC.

Spartacus – Since 1987, Spartacus has been fashioning adult products from rubber, leather, and metal. Based in Portland, Oregon, their expert craftsmanship is put to use creating toys, clamps, lingerie, and BDSM gear of all kinds. Made in the USA.

SpareParts Hardware – Style meets functionality with these harnesses. Designed to look fabulous, highly durable and easy to wash and wear. So very fun and highly enjoyable by all. Made in the USA.

Wet For Her – designs a range of products specifically non-phallic in appearance, including the finger extender, Two. All made from body safe silicone. Made in the PRC.

Safer Sex and Lubricant Brands

Yes Organics – Produce a range of lubricants, with organic ingredients, to be as gentle on the body as it is the earth.  All lubricants have been ph formulated to suit specific areas of the genitals and anus. We love this female owned UK business! Made in England.

Uberlube – Simply the most amazing silicone lubricant we've found. With few ingredients and long lasting power, it’s ideal for many uses other than a sex lubricant. Made in the USA.

Sliquid – Produce an array of lubricants. The range we sell has organic ingredient base, and the Sliquid Gel is the leading product on the market for any anal play or anal toy use. Marvellous! Made in the USA.

Glyde – 100% Australian owned and operated a company which manufactures a comprehensive range of sexual health products. Including condoms and dams.

Hero – created a company to produce socially responsible condoms, and donate to developing countries to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and save lives. Be safe and ethical! Made in Malaysia.

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