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B.J Dildo

Designer: Form Function

$115.00 AUD

Type Unique suction dildo
Length Total length 19 cm
Insertable length 15 cm
Circumference 13.5 cm (around the shaft)
Base type Hollow
Harness Compatible Yes
Hole for Bullet Vibe No
Weight N/A
Material Silicone
Lube preference Water Based
Suitable for Gender play, Transgender, spice up sex life, pack 'n' play
Important info May need to hold to body to get the best function
Handmade in USA


I'm lost for words trying to describe the B.J Dildo. It's not due to the product being lacklustre or off the mark it's because I think and honestly feel it's a game changer to the dildo world. So I might borrow a few sentiments from Emmaline Peaches

This dildo is not ‘good’. It’s revolutionary. Exceptional.  Transcendental. 

Emmaline Peaches

The B.J by Form Functions is a dildo. A hollow dildo. Made for blowjobs. Let that sink in for a bit. 

If you're trans male, gender fluid, have a vulva, exploring sexuality, want to experience a blowjob but haven't the original equipment (aka a  bio penis), this is going to blow you away. Maybe not literally but bloody damn close. The combined flat base and hollowness, when sucked by another, will create a suction sensation, and simulate the feeling of a 'blow job'.

The flat base lays against the pubic mound - it may need to be held initially to form a tight suction - and then is sucked to your heart's content. As the sucking continues, extra blood will be pulled into the region, and heighten arousal further. This continued stimulation will deliver an orgasm via indirect contact of your bits and produce the 'blowjob' feeling. 

Using this dildo is like taking the normal sucking action of oral sex and cranking that dial up to 100 before doing some sort of tinkering (or wizardry) to add yet another notch of sensation. It’s that fantastic. Emmaline Peaches

So as well as creating some amazing sucking experiences, you can use this as you would a regular dildo also. As Miss Peach experienced, using the dildo vaginally, then as an appendage, indeed gets the blood flowing. Being able to watch your partner suck you, and knowing they're lapping up your body fluids too, well, that's bordering on sensation overload.

Just a note on that, you can use it a variety of ways, hand-held vaginally, with a harness to have sex with, to be held against your body for many an oral good time, and becuse it's soft enough, you can try out as a packer.

It measures 19cm long and is 4.5cm diameter at the widest point. It is harness compatible, 100% body safe platinum silicone, with a soft powder finish. Form Functions are another independent company I'm proud to introduce Australia too and look forward to their B.J Dildo enjoyed here.

Do I love this product? Hell Yes! The B.J Dildo is going straight to The Slinky Minx 'must haves' product list! While there are suction toys out there, like the atrociously named Womaniser, or Satisfier, there aren't many, if any, combining dildo and suction. The B.J is a unique toy and a step up for dildos. As for the sensation, let's just say, It's freaking awesome!Emmaline Peaches also brought up the interesting point if you 

Emmaline Peaches also brought up the interesting point for UTI sufferers from oral sex. This can happen many times over for some people, so to have a toy which emulates that, but without the physical contact, it will be a godsend for you.

There will be some people whom the B.J will not find appealing. If you prefer solid, non-realistic, smooth silicone dildos for example. But I don't know. I think the benefits received from the B.J Dildo, may out way those. I'd say give it a go and see how you feel; you may make an exception to your rule with the B.J. 


Is the B.J Dildo available in other colours, or skin tones?

Yes, it is! Black, and four skin shades. However, at this stage, I'm only stocking the Teal. I need to see how well it's received before adding more options. If there are enough requests, then I'll add them to the shop.

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