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Cashmere & Leather Flogger

Designer: Swoon Kink

$84.00 AUD

Type Flogger
Total Length 65 cm
Tail Length 40 cm
Material Cashmere & Leather tails, Birchwood Handle
Suitable For Everyone
Important info Each flogger is unique, number/colours of tails can be different
Handmade in U.S.A


Floggers. Just thinking about them makes my knees weak. They're sexy, sensuous, sadistic, highly pleasurable, can be cathartic also, and look very pretty hanging on your wall!

The Swoon Kink Flogger combines a few loves, softness, a bit of bite, handmade and using reclaimed products. There's only one thing to say to that, Wahoo!

Using a combination of cashmere and leather, this flogger can create a myriad of feelings, for good, bad and downright debauched. It can be used just to be run over the skin to tickle and awaken areas, or of course for intended purpose, flogging. The delivered sensations are hard to explain, as the leather stands have a good bite to them, yet the cashmere adds a little softness to the play. Of course, this can all be changed with pressure, speed, how well the area has been warmed up, and the sensitivity of the receiving person at that time. The knots in the ends definite add more punch to the sensation, remember that when in being experienced.
The reclaimed cashmere and leather come from ends of fabric rolls, and excess from leather work and fall approximately 40cm.

The handmade handle (about 15cm), made of solid birch, which has been enamelled, adding a lovely sheen. The handle feels good and is nicely shaped to fit comfortably in the hand.

I think this flogger is for everyone to enjoy, but if you're entering the world of flogging for the first time, this would be an excellent beginning tool as it's lightweight, and the softness of cashmere makes it less daunting. Before your first flogging, read up a little about it first, just to find out some basic how to's and learn about safety.

This beautiful Swoon Kink flogger will give you a product to enjoy for many a year.

As this is a handmade item, some slight variations occur between products/photos, making each product unique.

Wash & Care

It's best to avoid washing this piece rather, spot clean the tails, damp wipe the handle and allow to dry thoroughly.  Due to this, it's best only to use this product on one person only or people who are fluid bonded.  


Flogging can bring a variety of pleasures for people.  Some people love the emotional release it can bring, for others it's the warmth and potential sting that excites. If you have more of a sensual nature, this flogger is highly recommended. Soft and delicious, but don't be fooled, it can be used to wield sting if wanted by your partner. As with all Kink play, please have a discussion in advance about the session, what you want, where you wish to go with it, the limits, and the all important safeword. Safe sex is sexy!

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