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Clitoris Studs

Designer: Narelle Minx

$12.00 AUD

Type Accessory Earrings
Size Mini 15 x 15mm
Material 3mm Acrylic, Stainless steel backing post
Handmade Australia

Clitoris Earrings. Scratch that. Glitoris Clitoris Studs. I was going to design them eventually, and here they are. In all their shiny, sparkly, anatomically correct goodness.

These tiny beauties are roughly 15mm by 15 mm, with a stainless steel backing post (Sterling silver is coming!). Designed by yours truly, sex geek extraordinaire, clitoris advocate Narelle Minx. The material is laser cut acrylic with a 3mm thickness. Just take a few moments to look in awe over the glitteryness. One could almost say these are a glamorous clitoris.  


I guess I've divided the audience. Half are thinking 'Huh?' And 'Why?'. The other half are shouting 'YES!' with joy and dancing from the ceilings and completely get this.

Why clitoris jewellery?

1. It's important sex geeks have accessories they can flaunt.

2. The clitoris is still a body part which is shrouded in mystery and misunderstood-ness?. Why 2017? Why!? And thus this can open up great educating dialogues.

3. Empowerment! If you've experienced shame around your clitoris, reclaiming that back, even via a simple clitoris earring can be a significant step towards saying F U shame!

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