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Ivory Cashmere Blindfold

Designer: Swoon Kink

$79.00 AUD

Type Blindfold
Length 23 cm
Width 9.5 cm
Ribbon Length 63 cm
Material 100% Cashmere, Satin, Silk
Machine wash friendly Yes (delicate cycle)
Suitable For Everyone
Important info Each blindfold is unique, handcrafted
Handmade in U.S.A


Delve into the wonders of erotic bondage, with this beautifully soft, handmade original piece, ivory blindfold by Swoon Kink.

Blindfolds. A simple way to turn up the heat in your bedroom, and this one of a kind piece, adds luxury too. This is the softest, most comfortable, and decadently sexy blindfold you'll come across. It gently lays over your eyes, with long silk ribbons to tie around the head. With these qualities, it's an excellent 'non-threatening' introduction into bondage.  It blocks out about 95% of light (we found some light peeks in just around the nose area) and is just heaven to wear.

Created from new and upcycled materials including cashmere, hints of silk, and various embellishments. Beautifully practical!


Wash & Care Spot clean or hand wash in cold water with a few drops of gentle soap or shampoo. Rinse well without twisting or wringing.  Press out water between towels. Reshape and dry flat.  Lightly press with a warm iron and press cloth if desired. The cashmere becomes softer with washing and drying.


Please note: size figures may not always be exact, due to this being hand made. Colour may vary slightly from picture. 

As much as latex and leather can be incredibly sexy, sometimes it's equally hot to slow it down. 

If you're a romantic dominant, or wanting to begin a journey into BDSM, this luxury blindfold cannot be more highly recommended.   It's beautiful, sensory-depriving, with a touch of romanticism, to turn up the heat.  Remember to discuss scenarios you'd like to do beforehand, and create a safeword to make sure play remains safe for all parties.

Here're a few other ideas:
  • Use this if you have a headache, to shut gently out the world.
  • Use it as a sleeping mask to encourage sleep.
  • Pop a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a tissue, place them in a zip lock bag to store to give your mask a lovely scent. 

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