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JNaja Cock Ring

Designer: Velv'or

$65.00 AUD


Jnaja has been specifically designed to be worn for long periods of time, through your work day perhaps, and thus becoming a true piece of jewellery for men, all the while giving teasing pleasure to the perineum with a constant massage feel.   This will increase your sexual drive and appetite, making him feel more 'manly' and confident.  A beautiful piece of 'jewellery' for a man to wear anytime, anywhere and guaranteed to please.  A unique feature of the Jnaja  is that's it  3D printed from nylon fiber and dyed like stonewashed jeans.  As time goes buy, the colour mottles like stonewashed jeans, making it unique for you.

To wear hold the JNaja with the perineum part facing towards the body. Place the balls through the oval shaped part of the JNaja. Then push the Penis through the same part.  Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the JNaja to the body.  Now as to how long you wear it, is really up to you.  Just listen to your body, as the length of being 'EnRinged' varies per person.  



  • Ergonomic C Ring
  • Suitable for long periods of wear
  • Follows natural curves
  • Perineum massaging
  • Increase sexual drive and appetite
  • 100% body safe nylon fiber
  • Made in the Netherlands


Available in 3 sizes, 45 mm, 50 mm and 55 mm

To find your size, whilst fully erect, take a piece of string and slip it behind your balls and tug it up nice and tight around the base of your penis (close to your body).  Now mark the string on both sides where they come together (making sure that it feels comfortable). Remove the string and in mm measure the distance between the 2 marks.  This gives you the circumference, then divide by 3.14 to calculate the size of JNaja you require.

How to measure for a Jnaja cock ring



When we saw this ring we were somewhat skeptical, as you well be.  However, we say proudly, that it lives up to all the expectations it claims.  The solid nylon design means, unlike other rings, it sits loosely when not erect, not to the point it will fall off, but does not grab, pinch or pull to make it uncomfortable.  When erect, the ring holds firm, behaving as a traditional cock ring, but unlike other rings, the tab will be massaging, tickling your perineum too.  The comfortable feel of this means you can wear it for long periods of time, perhaps while you're at work.  Throughout the day, it will bring to the forefront of your mind, wonderfully delicious sexual thoughts and imaginings.  A wild night of passion at the end of the day maybe?  The great part is, with you wearing the ring all day, the preparations for you to have a great night of sex, has been made, with your mind and body ready for action!  

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