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Pierre Packer - Small

Designer: New York Toy Collective

$69.00 AUD

Type Soft Packer
Penis Length 8.5 cm     Total length 10 cm
Insertable length N/A
Circumference 13.5 cm (around the shaft and testicles)
Material Silicone
Lube preference N/A
Suitable for Everyone. Particullary, smaller bodies, tweens, questioning gender, soft packing, gender play, cosplay, and more!
Important info Uncircumcised                                 
Handmade in USA


New York Toy Collective have heard your calls for a smaller FTM Packer, have delivered. Meet the Pierre Small, FTM packer. A ready to wear realistic soft packer, with all the fantastic details of its predecessor, just with a 75% reduction.

Pierre Small is a packer from body safe silicone, designed to emulate an uncut bio-penis. It feels soft, and squishy, very much like a bio-penis, and makes that gentle 'bulge' in your pants. The testicles have about 85 skin folds, and are slightly asymmetrical, adding more realism. It has a flat back, so it's comfortable to wear, either tucked into your underwear or using a harness. 

Regarding size, it's slightly wider and longer than a nail polish bottle!  About 9 cm long and at the widest part 4.5 cm. If you haven't packed before and keen to test the waters, are of a petite stature, if you're just looking for a smaller bulge, Pierre Small may be right up your alley.

Pierre Small represents an uncut (aka intact/uncircumcised) bio penis. If you prefer a circumcised look, click here to go to the Archer small. 

Pierre Small is made in small batches and is proudly handmade. As a result, some subtle variants can occur with the surface and colour (from batch to batch). Don't worry; they're not defects, and won't interfere with the function or pleasure you'll receive from the Pierre. Colour may vary slightly from picture. 

I love FTM Packers, and the Pierre Small is no exception. I love what they represent, and what how they can change a person's life. I love that they can bring in more play into our lives. I love it all! Packers are just a great tool for anyone to use if they're gender questioning, identify as trans, or gender fluid, enjoy the roleplaying, want to experience something new, performers or cosplayers. Packers give us the opportunity to extend our pleasure reach, by broadening our gender experiences. 

But don't just take my word for it. Oh Joy Sex Toy wrote a fun and informative piece on their experience with the Pierre. Have a read by clicking here.

Pierre review by Oh Joy Sex Toy

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'Finley' asks: Dear The Slinky Minx, I was wondering how to pick the best 'colour' for me?

TSM: Good question Finlay! There are no real rules to this. If you're lighter skin tone look at cashew or caramel, if you're on the deeper shade spectrum look at the hazelnut or chocolate. Many people pick a shade that's the next one up from their original skin tone because the genitals tend to be darker than the rest of our bodies. Ther will be one you're drawn to the most; that usually is the best one to go with. Trust your instinct. These probably won't match 100%, because we're all fabulously different and these represent just four on the shade spectrum. Happy packing!

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